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Best Finance Podcast for Beginners and Entrepreneurs!


We grew our CPA firm quickly and realized that there were SO many business owners needing help and very little available firms!  Many people we met with were starting business just like we had, but didn't know where to start with the paperwork.  Once we got them started, they all had the same big questions as their businesses began to grow. 

How to hire employees, how to save for retirement, how to set up payroll, how to save taxes....???

We also saw many new businesses didn't have a big budget (if any) for accounting help, but still really needed help!

For that reason we created our guides packed with information all business owners need to know AND a podcast with FREE information!

If you listen, you will learn a TON for free and put tools in your toolbelt to make the accounting side of your business a breeze. And of course, how to save taxes!!!