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Our Story

We own and operate our CPA firm, Sands CPA, in Decatur, Texas!

We started our business in 2016 while we were both working full-time jobs. We saved our money and spent every spare minute working on our new business. In the summer of 2017 we both quit our full-time jobs, and we've never looked back!


We have grown our business exponentially every year since we opened our doors. Our second year in business, we made more money being self-employed than we ever did working for other companies! Our business has been a HUGE blessing to our family! It has provided us jobs we are passionate about, and for that reason we look forward to showing up every day!


We have three kiddos who are our world (Saylor 5, Slate 2, and Scotlynn 1)! We live in our modern barndominium here in small town USA. We love to travel, listen to podcasts, live life a little differently, go hiking, and make our kids eat their vegetables!