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We're CPAs Who Genuinely Want to Help Business Owners, Even If We Can't Take You on As a Client

We are Carson and Teran Sands, a husband and wife team running our CPA firm together for the past {almost} four years! Our business, Sands CPA, was started after seeing a huge need for better service for small businesses in the accounting industry.


We were raised by entrepreneurs running all types of business from tow trucks to hair salons. We've seen first hand how good and bad accounting can greatly help or hinder a business! We have a HUGE soft spot for entrepreneurs and have dedicated our business to them the past four years.


This guide came to fruition from our love of small businesses. We wanted a way to offer our knowledge and advice to every new business owner! However, we didn't have enough hours in the day to sit down and discuss all necessary information with each new entrepreneur who sought our help.


We saw that entrepreneurs needed help starting their business AND help with the ongoing tasks required to run a business in today's world. We couldn't find any resources available that explained all of it in an digestible format.


That's when the idea was born to compile ALL of the information in one place!


We wrote this guide to help entrepreneurs save money (and time) when starting a new business. This guide contains the information needed to start a business AND explains the necessary tasks business owners must complete each year. Once a business is up and running there are many forms to complete and deadlines to meet every year. These tasks must be done to keep a business in good standing with the government/IRS. Unfortunately, keeping up with paperwork and deadlines is just part of running a legitimate business here in the USA. This guide navigates readers through the necessary paperwork that must be completed each year to keep a business running legally.


The most successful business owners we see are the ones who not only keep up with the required paperwork and deadlines, but greatly understand the tax implications of their business decisions. The most successful entrepreneurs we work with greatly prioritize the accounting side of their business. Taxes and poor accounting can make or break a business, and the businesses that understand and operate under this notion are generally the most successful ones! We definitely don’t think it is a coincidence that the business owners who ignore the accounting side of their business are the ones who pay more in tax and are less profitable.


This guide contains both new business start-up information along with CPA expertise to help readers understand the (VERY important) tax and accounting side of running a business.


We have complied everything here in this guide all for less than the cost of ONE consulting meeting with a CPA!* The information found here would take at LEAST ten meetings to discuss in-office with a CPA!


We are excited about what we have created, and we hope this guide helps SO many new entrepreneurs!


Happy Reading!